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Online Therapy Services Alberta

Comprehensive Online Therapy

Whatever brought you to Alberta Mental Health, we are confident you will find what you need here. Our online therapists are available to all residents of Alberta; Our team of mental health professionals work regularly with patients seeking counselling for a variety of reasons. By offering mental health services online, patients are able to improve their quality of life from the comfort of home and on their own schedule. 


Our online mental health services incorporate EMDR, CBT, DBT, Gottman Therapy, and emotion focused therapy techniques. 

Addictions Therapy
Anxiety Therapy

ADHD Therapy
Attachment Therapy
Depression Therapy
Eating Disorder Therapy
Gender Identity Therapy
Grief & Loss Therapy
Life Transition Therapy
OCD Therapy
Personal Growth Counselling
Relationship Therapy
Self-Esteem Building Therapy
Sex Therapists

Stress Management Therapy
Trauma Therapy

Who is Online Therapy For?

Online therapy is an ideal counselling option for anyone looking for flexibility, comfortability, and anonymity. If you find yourself too busy to go into a therapist’s office, having access to e-counselling is a time saving solution. Alberta Mental Health is a platform for online therapists to connect with Albertan residents in even the most remote areas of the province. Other clients seeking counselling online do so because they want to feel safe: both through working with a trained mental health professional and by avoiding running into someone they may know if they were to attend an in-person session. Our virtual mental health services are accessible to all ages and all parts of Alberta.

How To Choose the Best Online Therapist

Every counsellor, therapist, and psychologist working through Alberta Mental Health has attended post-secondary education to receive training as a mental health professional. However, credentials on paper are not everything. When looking for the best therapists in Alberta- and choosing which one is right for you- different skills become an asset. A therapist’s ability to be compassionate, free of judgement, and offer new perspectives are essential. Your personality will also dictate what kind of a therapist will serve you best: Ask yourself whether you find you respond best to thought provoking questions, individuals who listen more than they talk, or perhaps a therapist who will push and challenge you, give you homework, and set firm goals with you. 


There is no wrong answer to these questions. You may try sessions with more than one therapist before you find the right fit, and this is perfectly normal. However, being able to answer some questions about your personality, needs, and growth style will help our team direct you to the best therapist.

Inclusive online therapy for alberta residents of any age