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Online Counselling

A counselling centre connecting even the most remote areas of Alberta with online therapy.

Starting at $160/Hour

Helpful Online Counsellors

Home to professional therapists and counsellors, we provide adults, adolescents, and post-secondary students with direct therapy in their own home. During your online session, we will address mental health challenges you feel are impacting your well being. 

Thanks to our virtual services, you can work with a therapist who enjoys helping you and can support you in identifying both healthy and unhealthy patterns: Our clients feel free to discuss what they want and dictate where the conversation goes.

Whether we connect over the internet or by phone,

Together we can  

Regain control in your life.

Our Mental Health Services

Alberta Mental Health is home to a community of qualified therapists ready to address your concerns. Here, clients can find access to the mental health resources they need whether that be counselling for anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment issues, life transitions, self-esteem building, stress management, addictions counselling, or relationship therapy: Each service is offered online and by phone, giving residents across the province instant therapy.

Whether you are in Edmonton, Calgary, or Red Deer: Across Alberta, we are here to talk.

Life Transition Counselling
OCD Counselling
Personal Growth Counselling

Relationship Therapy
Sex Counselling
Self-Esteem Building

Stress Management
Trauma Counselling

How To Start Online Counselling

Have therapy online by accessing mental health services from your phone.
Reach Out

Contact us via chat, phone, or email. We will immediately connect you with a qualified therapist.

Set A Date

Clients speak with a therapist and together set an appointment for the first session.

Attend Your Therapy Session

Start your self-development journey online, in the comfort of your own home.

Advantages of Online Counselling


Did you know most research suggests that online counselling is just as therapeutically impactful as in person therapy?


Counselling online allows for accessing therapists from the comfort of your own home, parked vehicle, or office. It is imperative that you feel safe, comfortable, and confidential in the space that you are accessing support from: Our homes can act as a familiar, grounded space for therapy without the risk of running into someone you know. With the current pandemic health crisis, online counselling offers the ability to seek care with a lower risk of spreading infection.

We also love the benefit of saving time!

What to expect in Online Counselling:

Your first session with your therapist will usually consist of getting to know one another, reviewing consent for online counselling services, and developing treatment goals. When meeting with your therapist by video, you should receive an email link from a secured system to open at the time of your session. Systems used for online therapy should be PIPEDA and HIPAA compliant to protect the major privacy concerns clinics and clients have around telehealth.

If you are meeting by phone, your therapist will call you at the time of your appointment. 


Make sure you start your online counselling session in a place you feel most comfortable and that you aren’t worried about others overhearing you.